April 30 – May 4


Quinoa salad fluffy quinoa steamed in house made vegetable stock tossed with feta cheese, blanched asparagus, baby spinach, spring onions, and green peas

Oven roasted tomatoes halved vine-ripe tomatoes with garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil

Tempura fried blue lake beans with romesco dipping sauce

Roasted sweet potatoes curry powder, honey and cardamom roasted together with sweet potato coins for a sweet and savory treat


Chicken and vegetarian tamale pie mildly spicy concoction of black and pinto beans, red bell peppers, onions, cilantro, cheese baked together with a masa topping until golden brown

Garden mixed greens garden vegetables tossed together with seasonal organic mixed greens served with house vinaigrette

Refried mole black beans organic black beans slowly cooked with cinnamon, jalapeno, garlic, and chocolate

Spicy sautéed baby squashes baby green and yellow starburst squashes sautéed in garlic, lime juice, chile powder and cayenne pepper for a kick


Buttermilk fried chicken Rocky Jr. chickens fried until golden brown and juicy served with house made hot sauce

Summer succotash pasta salad of lima beans, sweet summer corn, sweet red pepper and tomatoes tossed together with yummy al dente pasta

Jalapeno cabbage coleslaw sliced jalapenos, green cabbage, mustard seeds and spices mixed together in lime champagne vinaigrette

Fruit salad seasonal fruit in a mint and basil simple syrup


Curried roast chicken salad fried walnuts, curry powder, crunchy celery and cool Greek yogurt envelopes moist roast chicken served over a bed of arugula

Vegetable hodgepodge salad garbanzo beans, feta cheese, roasted red pepper, cucumber and kalamata olives served with oregano vinaigrette

Sea salt house made focaccia bread

Chocolate chip cookies