June 4th to 7th

Vegetarian chili with all the fixings Goat cheese corn pudding creamy goat cheese paired with savory corn pudding
finished with caramelized onions

Mixed greens hodgepodge of seasonal vegetables over leafy greens served with house vinaigrette

Classic roast chicken with garlic, thyme and lemon roasted until golden brown and delicious

Green beans blanched and tossed in a tarragon and crushed herb vinaigrette finished with crumbled hard cooked egg

Roasted aromatics fennel, carrots, and potatoes roasted until tender with garlic, thyme and olive oil

Braised green lentils slow cooked with aromatic vegetables and herbs until tender and succulent

Carrot and ginger soup sweet and spicy finished with a dollop of crème fraiche

Chop salad chef’s special with celery, hard cooked egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green beans and grilled chicken served with buttermilk ranch dressing

Herby focaccia

Cardamom shortbread cookies sweet, spicy and savory, the perfect accompaniment to a healthy lunch

Roasted Dominican pork marinated in cilantro, garlic, orange and lime zest, slow roasted for 8 hours until fall off the bone tender

Black bean morro rice and black beans cooked together in a tomato sofrito for extra flavor

Avocado and tomato salad sweet Haas avocados and kumato tomatoes served over a bed of mixed greens with a cilantro lime dressing

Platanos maduros sweet plantains deep fried until golden brown and tender