S&H Everyday

S&H Everyday Let S&H fuel your day with a variety nutritious and well-balanced meals. We can work with you to develop a culinary program that meets the needs of all of your guests, leaving them satisfied and well-fed! We can tailor your program to include breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks! Create specific dishes for special populations with clear ingredient lists and easy-to read markers.

Our team will provide seamless and comprehensive service to set and maintain your buffet, pack and store leftovers and clean up leaving you to get back to your busy day.

Inquire with our sales team sales@saltandhoneycatering.com to set-up a consultation to assess your needs.

Packages include:

  • Full-set up of daily buffet with chaffing dishes, ceramics and menu cards
  • Dedicated team-member to set and breakdown
  • Compostable plates, napkins and cutlery
  • Well-balanced and nutritious meals to fuel you and your colleagues through your workday

If you are looking for something less formal, check out S&H To-Go!

Have an impromptu working-lunch? Have a tight timeline between workshop sessions? Want a portal and easy to eat options? Need a no-fuss delicious and beautifully presented meal? Look no further than S&H To-Go!

S&H To-Go is designed to alleviate the stress of a formal meal by providing you with easy to eat options that meet a plethora of dietary needs and restrictions. In addition, S&H To-Go is beautifully presented on recyclable and compostable materials allowing you the ease of clean-up without sacrificing budget, taste or presentation. S&H To-Go offers pre-packaged gourmet snacks and family-style small bite platters, seasonal sandwiches, wraps and salads, and a myriad of early-morning menus to start your day on the right foot.